Coburg Road Quarry
Coburg Road Quarry

90436 Coburg Rd
Eugene, OR 97408

Phone: (541) 484-2000


Coburg Road Quarry offers all sizes of crushed basalt rock, pit run and rip rap. If you want the finest angular material for your driveways, steep inclines, roads, building pads, embankments and walking paths, we can help you. We provide excellent applications for decorative uses such as garden edging, borders and water sculptures. Our services include reliable dispatch and delivery. We have operated truck and equipment rental available.

Rip Rap classes upon gradations by mass (weight) of rock according to the following:
Class Class Class Class Class Percent
50 100 200 700 2000 (by weight)

Weight of rock (lbs)
100-60 200-140 700-500 2000-1400 20.0
30-15 60-25 140-80 500-200 1400-700 30.0
15-2 25-2 80-8 200-20 700-40 40.0
2-0 2-0 8-0 20-0 40-0 10.0
The previous specifications are ODOT spec that we follow. Control of gradation will be by visual inspection. Different gradations are available upon special requests.

Our rock prices are very reasonable and include:
3/4" Minus
3/4" Minus Construction
1/4" Minus
1/2" Minus
1-1/2" Minus
3" Minus
6" Minus
1/2" x 1/4" Open
1"-3" Open
1-1/2" Open
3/4" Open
3" Open
6" Open
Rip Rap 12"
Rip Rap 1'-2'
Rip Rap 2'-3'
Rip Rap 4'
ODOT Class Rip Rap
Jaw Run
Stone Embankment
Quarry Sand
Pit Run
Coburg Shale
Landscape Boulders-all sizes
Rock load UPRR train
Truck Rental
End Dump (15 tons)
Transfer (32 tons)
Truck & Pup (33 tons)
Side Dump (27 tons)
Dump Site
Available for a nominal fee
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